Van Oord partner of the 2017 expedition


We are very pleased to announce that this year Van Oord has again decided to partner up with Project 5 Peaks for the 2017 expedition! 

Expedition member Allert has been working for Van Oord for several years now. Last year he wrote two blogs on how he combined his work offshore with his preparations for the expedition. You can read those blogs here and here

I’m very happy to see that our safety programme is not only being put to use at the work place, but also inspires people to have a safe way of living in their personal lives! We wish Project 5 Peaks the best of luck and encourage them to be successful in their expedition while taking the Van Oord safety principles to heart.
— Ton van de Minkelis, Staff Director QHSE Van Oord

In conversations between P5P and Van Oord we realized how much our expeditions have in common with Van Oord projects on the aspect of safety!

Van Oord has a strong focus on getting the job done is a safe manner, to make sure that all personnel gets home safely at the end of the day. 

During our expeditions we are also focused on returning home safely. To accomplish this we are using the principles of the Van Oord say YES to safety programme.

Soon more about this...








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The growing world population needs more space. The demand for energy continues to rise and society needs a sustainable energy system. The growing volume of world trade requires more and better port facilities and climate change is threatening coastal areas.

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We are a leading international contractor specialising in dredging, marine engineering and offshore projects (oil,gas and wind). We work closely with our clients to create innovative, sustainable solutions and safe working conditions.

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