Climbing central asia’s highest mountains

In pursuit of the Snow Leopard Award


what is

Project 5 Peaks


The Snow Leopard challenge sets the  goal to climb Central Asia's five highest mountains. All of which are higher then 7.000m and thus only for the experienced mountaineer. In 2016 the team climbed Peak Lenin (7.134m), in 2017 they climbed Khan Tengri (7.010m) and made an unsuccessful attempt on Peak Pobeda (7.439m). In summer 2019 the team will attempt Peak Communizma (7.495m) and Peak Korjenevskaya (7.105m).

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Next expedition

Peak Communism & Peak Korzhenevskaya

In the summer of 2019 the team will head off to Tadzjikistan. They will try to climb Peak Communism (7.495m) and Peak Korzhenevskaya (7.105m). If successful only the treacherous Peak Pobeda remains. Similar to previous expeditions all climbs will be unsupported and in pure alpine style climbing . This year they will further raise the bar and climb a non-conventional route on their next seventhousander !