2017 Peak Pobeda & Khan Tengri expedition

After the succesful 2016 expedition to Peak Lenin (7.134m), Project 5 Peaks is back again! In the summer of 2017 the team will attempt to climb Peak Pobeda (7.439m) and / or Khan Tengri (7.010m).

Dreams and ambitions
Since last year we've been training hard. Taking the lessons we learned on Peak Lenin with us, we optimized on specific ways of getting in shape and the gear we take with us.

Our ambition is to summit Peak Pobeda. If we succeed it will be a first Dutch ascent!

This year we will also receive the much needed support from our partners. We are very pleased to welcome a new partner: Mountain Equipment! 

The plan
From Bishkek (the capital of kyrgyzstan) we will travel by 4WD and helicopter to the South Inchylek basecamp. This basecamp is located on the glacier between Peak Pobeda and Khan Tengri.

The area is well known for its extreme weather, so there is no fixed plan. In five weeks time we will "go steady, go slow" and see if conditions allow to summit one of these magnificent giants!

Change has come

Things change and this also holds for us. Last year the team consisted out of four members. Unfortunatly Guido and Arjen will not participate in this years expedition.

The planning, training, being away from home for weeks at a time. Expedition climbing takes its toll. If you cannot commit 100% to it for whatever reasons, it is practically impossible..

Allert and myself will truly miss the companionship and laughter. We are however very pleased to introduce our new team member: Martin! He will introduce himself somewhere in the next weeks. It is however save to say that Martin knows the drill, since he took his skies to the top of Peak Lenin (7.134m) and skied down the North face last year!

to be continued! 

Gijs Schuurhuis